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Your Commonly asked landscaping questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about landscaping, lawn care, and irrigation

Landscaping services have a wide range of costs. Landscaping can cost anywhere from $30 for lawn or garden maintenance to $10,000 and up for full landscape design and construction. It really comes down to what type of service you need, how large the area to be landscaped is, the type of landscaping and features to be built.

The Inland Empire Landscapers do! We have a team of professionals ready to take on your landscaping job near you. Whether you need landscape design, construction, maintenance or more contact us today. 

Yes! Landscaping improves curb appeal and is one of a few types of improvements that is also an investment that gains value over time as plants grow and the landscape fills out. It can increase the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars.

Landscaping is important because it not only is an investment in your property but more importantly contributes to a sense of well-being and fulfillment. It provides a living space one can really appreciate and elevate one’s perceptions of their efforts in life.  

There are a number of options for landscaping where grass won’t grow which include:

  • Xeriscape – drought tolerant and drought resistant landscaping 
  • Artificial turf
  • Hardscaping and pavers 
  • Living space/patio

Yes we provide free estimates. We send out one of our partner landscapers to your property to have a consultation where a free estimate will later be given

Yes. The landscape design service is a billable service.

The geographical area we provide landscaping services in are the cities located in the Inland Empire of Southern California as well as some cities in eastern Los Angeles county.

A team of professional landscapers and landscape designers with years of experience in the industry who are partnered with the Inland Empire Landscapers.

We work with many different types of residential clients. We tend to make a better fit with clients who are looking for professional grade landscaping designs and constructions as opposed to looking for the cheapest service possible without quality being a priority.

A well-landscaped home can help to sell your home by improving aesthetic appeal, also known as curb appeal. Improving the visual appeal to your home boosts the worth and quality of your property.

Yes our network of experts does provide irrigation systems, fences, and walls.

In order to maintain your new landscape we can provide you regular maintenance services or our landscapers will give you tips on how best to maintain your landscape.

Ground cover is what is used to refer to the low level plants that are around your garden and yard. The benefits of well placed ground cover is it prevents erosion, adds another element and filler to void spaces, and can define pathways through your landscape.

An evergreen plant or tree is a plant that keeps its leaves throughout the entire year whereas a tree who loses or sheds its leaves in the autumn and winter months is considered deciduous.

Landscaping in general refers to the design and construction of features, elements, and organic additions to a yard or garden to improve visual appeal and add uses such as living spaces, gardens, pools, and more. Hardscaping refers to the specific use of non-organic materials and hard materials such as cement work, concrete, stone paths, fire pits, and more.

Landscaping fabric can kill grass when used properly. It in essence will suffocate the unwanted grass and weed growth by preventing air circulation and increasing the heat on the plants and seeds underneath the landscaping fabric.

Professional lawn maintenance is important for many reasons including:

  • Saves time and money by letting an expert manage the difficulties and detail of maintaining a healthy lawn
  • It keeps your property looking its best all year long while also improving curb appeal 

You can permanently get rid of weeds by:

  • Using a weak mixture of salt and water on them
  • Spraying the weeds with vinegar
  • Using landscape fabric and covering them. This will in essence starve them of light, air, and increase the heat killing the plant and seeds. 
  • spraying a mixture of dish soap and water on them 
  • Using a flame gun to burn them off

We prefer these methods as to using chemical solutions which can be harmful to the environment. Keep in mind using things such as vinegar and the salt mixture will kill the other plants it gets in contact with. 

When it comes to watering your new plants and flowers, water them right when you finish planting them and let the water soak in then water again. For that first week water them every day then switch to 2-3 times per week considering the weather conditions.

You generally want to aerate your lawn in high growth times. This is usually when there is more rainfall and cooler temperatures typically during the Spring and Autumn. This is because during these periods there is less stress on the lawn and will help to minimize any damage that might happen to your lawn.

An irrigation system is not necessarily needed however it does provide convenience as it is automatic whereas if you use a hose and sprinkler you will have to set it manually.

You should install a drip irrigation system if you have a smaller area needed to cover and want to conserve water. A sprinkler system is better to cover a larger area however is more wasteful in terms of water usage. 

Ready To transform your landscape?

Let us know how the Inland Empire Landscapers can help you to improve the landscape at your home or commercial property. 


Ready To transform your landscape?

Let us know how the Inland Empire Landscapers can help you to improve the landscape at your home or commercial property.