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Creating Beautiful Drought tolerant Landscapes In Rancho Cucamonga CA and the greater Inland Empire

Southern California Xeriscapes that transform your home

It has for a long time been the standard in Rancho Cucamonga CA and the Inland Empire area to have a lush green lawn. However, being conscious of water use and the aesthetic appeal of drought tolerant and water wise landscapes has given way to the popular landscape design known as xeriscape landscaping. 

what is xeriscape landscaping?

 Xeriscaping is “the practice of designing landscapes to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation. This means xeriscaped landscapes need little or no water beyond what the natural climate provides.” Incorporating local Californian drought tolerant plants and features to your garden not only looks beautiful, but makes financial and ecological sense. 

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Xeriscaping is not just about putting cacti and rocks in your yard or garden. A xeriscape is a landscape that may include drought tolerant plants, mulch and rock landscaping, native or adapted trees, shrubs and ground covers. A xeriscaped yard can be designed to create different color palettes during the seasons- from green in spring and summer to golden hues of fall leaves. The native plants and landscapes of southern California offer a wide array of possibility and beauty from which we aim to utilize in the best way for your landscape. 

Landscaping WITHOUT Grass

Water supplies not just in Rancho Cucamonga but all of California are diminishing every season. The notion that you need to have vibrant grass throughout your yard to have a beautiful landscape is less founded today more than ever. As noted by the Cucamonga Valley Water District the majority of household water consumption is coming from outdoors. This is why our experts are dedicated to creating aesthetically rich landscapes without grass and water needing sod. 

Featured Service: California Native & Sustainable Landscaping

California and the Southwest in general are home to a number of local plant species and rich landscapes. This provides the perfect source of inspiration to design and build an eye grabbing yet eco friendly landscape. Our landscaping partners specialize in utilizing native and local flora, along with expert knowledge in sustainable landscaping practices. Our partners also leverage years of professional craftsmanship experience to construct unique builds such as rock features and walls, pergolas, water features, vegetable and orchard gardens, outdoor fire pits and kitchens and much more. Together this culminates in landscape designs and builds that are unique and unrivaled in the Inland Empire. 

This is for you if...

Everyone has different objectives and specifications when it comes to having landscaping done. This specific service is geared more towards those who are really looking to have a professionally done landscape that melds with the local environment. This is not for those looking for the cheapest bid, but are looking to work with true experts in the field who are  dedicated to providing sustainable top tier work. To inquire more about this service contact us using the form here or click the button below.

There are many benefits to Xeriscape Landscaping your home

  • Drought tolerant landscapes mean lower water bills. In a time when it is ever more important to be conscious of your budget a xeriscape is a great answer to save you money.  
  • Reduced time and energy spent on lawn care. You certainly save time and effort on things when you simply don’t have them to take care of right? Make your life easier and your yard beautiful with less lawn and more beautiful local flora. 
  • Easy to maintain. While not having to constantly take care of a lawn is a nice benefit, having to put less effort into maintaining your entire yard is even better. 
  • Drought tolerant landscapes work with the local climate which means less watering saving precious resources for more important uses like drinking water and agriculture. 
  • Xeriscaping also allows you to be more creative when designing your landscape. With a wide variety of plants, stones, and colors the design of your landscape is only limited by your imagination. 
xeriscape Landscape design

We understand the myriad of benefits a professionally done xeriscape brings to home and business owners. Whether its saving money, time, or the environment we want to be the team that helps you transform your property with drought resistant landscaping. Let us know a bit more about what you are looking for and we will get back to you shortly. 


Why choose Inland Empire Landscapers for xeriscaping

Designing and installing an elegant water efficient landscape might seem like an arduous task. However, in the end it will return rewards of saving money, protecting the environment, and very easy to maintain. The network of experts at Inland Empire Landscapers has a wide range of xeriscaping knowledge and experience. When you are not only redesigning and/or installing a new landscape especially one that is potentially markedly different than your previous layout, you want to have a team of people you can rely on to pull it off. We provide excellent customer care to make sure the project goes off smoothly, without any surprises. We can help with design, consultation, and installation for xeriscaping projects big and small.

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