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Whether your business is in Rancho Cucamonga or any of the surrounding cities in the IE the importance of visual aesthetic enhancement to a commercial property can no longer be ignored. Studies have shown that from the moment a visitor or customer steps into your property, the first impression they get about your business is dependent on how well you have maintained your landscape and overall aesthetic appeal. That first impression can determine whether or not he or she will want to do business with you. It has now become more evident that people are less willing to work with a business that cannot maintain its property.

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Our Services

Commercial Landscape Construction

We provide a team of experts who will work with you from designing your landscape to complete construction.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Let a team of professionals keep your property looking its best on a schedule and a budget that works for you.

Advantages of having Commercial Landscaping Services

Customer/Employee Impression​/attraction

In addition to providing that aesthetic appeal, a well-maintained landscape has a positive impact on the psychology of people by conveying quality and care in the business. People are more likely to trust a business that presents itself as one who cares about upkeep. Not only does it impact potential customers directly, but can boost the morale of employees by giving a sense of a workplace that is professional and a business worth working for. Happier employees means happier customers.

Saves Time and Money

Having professionals manage your landscape allows you to spend more time focusing on your business operations. As virtually all business owners know, time is money. The more time you have to spend on keeping the outside of your property well maintained the less you have to focus on what really matters. The investment of hiring landscaping professionals in the long run can positively impact your bottom line in time and money. 

Raises Property Value

Simply put, a better looking property is worth more. There is no simpler way to look at landscaping as an investment as this. Having a beautiful looking commercial property will boost the curb appeal every time over ones that are less well maintained. 

Let Us Know How We Can Help You

Landscaping your commercial property is for you if…

You feel the outward appearance of your property doesn’t accurately reflect the quality of business you conduct. Being stuck with a lackluster looking property can really impact yours and others feelings about your business. If you believe in the work that you do then it simply makes sense to convey that message to others with a landscape that represents that.

You understand that having your business’ landscape updated is an investment. It’s not just about having a pretty lawn or garden, it’s about the long term value that is added to your property.

You feel its been long overdue to give your business a refreshed look and atmosphere. Maybe you want to readjust the identity of your business or you simply have waited more than enough time to revamp your business.

You see yourself as eco-conscious. When done professionally a landscape will often require less water and resources to keep it maintained. This is becoming ever more important especially in Rancho Cucamonga and Southern California at large due to water resources being depleted.


Now is the time to get commercial Landscaping

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At the Inland Empire Landscapers we don’t want to be thought of as just another run-of-the-mill commercial landscaping services provider. We work with the best landscapers in Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas who understand the details of creating and maintaining a beautiful exterior to your property. Our network not only has years of experience in the industry, but a passion for bringing businesses outside appeal to life. Get in touch with your team of experts at the Inland Empire Landscapers to receive a quote.

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