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Outdoor lighting to brighten your landscape

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Outdoor lighting can be the feature that brings your yard and landscape a whole new feel. There are so many options out there when it comes to outdoor lighting. At Inland Empire Landscapers our experts want to hear your vision, and offer you a wide array of landscape lighting options to best complement your yard. Our team will then provide professional installation on your new outdoor lighting system.

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Types of outdoor lighting for your yard

Choosing the right landscape lighting for your yard can be a difficult choice when you have so many options. To give you an idea here are some of the different types of lighting:

  • Halogen 
  • LED 
  • Solar
  • HID (High Intensity Discharge) 
  • Floodlights/Spot Lights 

We can install lighting in a number of places around your house and yard

  • Your driveway, walkway or the end of your garden path. 
  • Wall mounted fixtures for security and safety around your property. 
  • To accentuate a specific plant or flower bed in your yard. 
  • Downlighting to create an outdoor living space that isn’t dark after sunset.

The benefits of an outdoor lighting installation

  • Better visibility at night
  • Security
  • Enhance outdoor living spaces
  • Fantastic for entertaining
  • Creates an intimate environment 
  • Increases curb appeal 
  • Accentuates landscape features in your yard

When it comes to our installation process we want to make sure we have the best option for you. You may not be entirely sure what option to go with for your outdoor lighting so our experts will come to consult with you on what you might be looking for and some feedback on what might work best. Our network of professionals have a lot of experience in the industry and have a good eye for what lighting solutions look good for different landscapes.


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The Inland Empire Landscapers want to help you make your property look its best. Our experts offer the best of the best when it comes to landscape lighting solutions. We can help you make good decisions about the light fixtures, projectors and more. The installation process is painless and affordable with us – our rates are easy to understand and we offer competitive pricing for your outdoor lighting needs. Let us know a little bit what you are looking for and we’ll provide a free estimate. Contact us today and let’s get you the best lighting solutions for your property.

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